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Every wedding has a story – it starts from the first moment the happy couple meet, through every shared moment during their relationship, and culminates on the wedding day. Through my portfolio, you can get to know my style as a wedding photographer, but for those of you who crave the enjoyment of more shots of happiness and dreams come true, it is my Gallery. In fact, it consists of multiple galleries that have collected unique moments from some of the weddings I have had the honor and joy to capture. For the more curious, I’ve tried to convey a small snippet of emotions and in words – but I trust the photos will tell the whole stories.

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Wedding photos are a kind of time machine that will allow you to return to the unforgettable experience of one of the most important days of your life. However, in order to capture as many moments of that special day as possible, wedding photographers often offer the option of working in teams of two. Here you can get to know not only me and my history in the photography world, but also those of my colleagues who I trust completely.

Деян Стоев

 Сватбен фотограф

Мадлен Рачева


Живко Попов


Deyan Stoev

Madlen Racheva

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