The Incredible Wedding of Iskra & Vladi | St. Konstantin and Helena, Bulgaria

All of us who grew up with Bulgarian folk tales are familiar with the happy ending – “Three days of eating, drinking and merrymaking” – but how many can boast that they actually did it or attended such a celebration?

Iskra and Vladi’s wedding was just such an event – exciting, bright, colourful, memorable – and three days long!

The lovers celebrated the first day of their engagement with their closest family members, who experienced the most cherished moment of their signing in the Ritual Hall. The ritual was followed by dinner at The Bay Restaurant in St. St. Constantine and Helena – and with the cutting of the wedding cake on the beautiful pier on the beach.

It was also there that we did the wedding photo shoot of the newlyweds, who lit up the romantic bay with their genuine happiness and love. With her dazzling gown and incredibly gentle look, Iskra caught the eyes of everyone present – guests or random passers-by. Both she and Vladi bravely ran amidst the sea waves that timidly touched the sand, and it was a real privilege for me to be present and capture those first and unique moments of their family life.

But the celebration didn’t end with the restaurant – it continued the next evening on the rooftop of their friends’ house – who I also want to thank from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful organization and location! Overlooking the whole of Varna and Varna Bay, it was one of the most unconventional places I have ever photographed a wedding – and Iskra and Vladi looked happier than ever! The party was full of dancing, singing and merriment under the light of romantic lights and accompanied by guitar and live music.

And so passed the first two days of their happy beginning – filled with love, magic and dreams of their future together…

And what was the third, you may ask? With a wink, I’ll invite you to check out the second gallery – with Iskra and Vladi’s post-wedding session, which I’ll upload in a few days.

And to you, lovely young family – I wish you to keep the sparks between you and that they brighten your life together ever so much!

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